We primarily charge a fee for our services however there are some instances where a commission might be a viable alternative. All client relationships are held to a minimum compensation of $500.

Financial Planning and/or Counseling can be a flat fee ranging from $500 to $10,000 or an hourly rate beginning at $150/per hour depending upon the complexity and inclusion of all components of a comprehensive financial plan. This may include a Retirement Analysis, Risk Management, Asset Allocation, Budgeting and Cash Flow Management, Debt Strategies, Estate Planning, College Funding and Tax Planning Strategies.

Advisory fees are charged as a percentage of assets we manage and are debited quarterly from client accounts. Our primary fee schedule is as follows:

Up to $40,000 1.70%
$40K - $250K 1.40%
$250K - $50K 1.35%
$500K - $750K 1.00%
$750K - $1M 0.85%
$2M - $5M 0.65%
$5M - $25M 0.40%
Above $25M 0.30%

This advisory fee is considered a wrap fee and includes transaction charges within the account. We will use will use no load funds or waive the commissions for A share funds purchased. We rebate 12-b1 mutual fund fees back to our client’s accounts.

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